June 14 2014 mtg notes

10 min Peer Training/ Q and A Secession

John and Nancy completed today, joined the Steering Committee

– don’t always accept the premises of peoples questions (most people have a different set on assumptions they are bringing into the conversation)

-Difference between CR and Move to Amend etc.


Neighborhood vs. Community Bill of Rights discussion

equal access to public resources vs. neighborhood right to local self-governance

– take the ideas of the Colorado state level activity and scale it down to neighborhood/city

– model neighborhood bill of rights

– city charter amendment to empower and protect neighborhood right to self-governance and equal access to public resources between neighborhood

– neighborhood majority votes to veto over city counsel decisions effecting all neighborhoods

neighborhoods finding issues that effect health, safety, and welfare

What do homeless rights, elderly rights have to do with neighborhoods ability to address issues and ensure quality of life?


ALL – read Colorado amendment

Ethan and Caiti – ask Annaliva fir contact with activists


June 07 2014 mtg notes

Date : 06/07/14 Location: Ike Box 10am

Standard items
1. Assign note taker:  Ethan
2. Verify Quorum:  100%; yes
3. Recognize guests in attendance and public comment
Stacey attended as a guest
4. Review and approve last meeting’s minutes (check in with last months tasks, tabled items)
No tabled items
5. Review and approve current meeting agenda — added scheduling phone call with Kai
6. 5min – “open mic” – anything inspiring or thought provoking around inherent rights of nature, natural persons, and natural communities
Caiti played a recording of “The Contrariness of the Mad Farmer” by Wendell Berry
7. 5 min review of ground rules review, establish and brainstorm ground-rules for effective meeting process

WAIT (Why Am I Talking?), Step up / Step Back, Assume Good Faith, encourage others’ participation, mindful presence

8. 10 min Peer Training/ Q and A Secession
Caiti will change the above typo
Caiti, Ethan and Stacey practiced 30 second answers to the question, “why are you involved in community rights?” and gave feedback to each-others’ answers.
John, Stacey and Nancy will do the full peer training next meeting

Other items

8. OCRN Reports – Caiti
The Eugene event went really well, lots of good discussion and energy
Caiti will resend info to mailing list about the June 21st petitioning blitz
Caiti will schedule an update call with Kai
Caiti will get recording of Thomas Linzey talk for broadcast on The Forum (KMUZ.org)

9.  Community Rights Conversation Topic Brainstorm – Ethan and Caiti
Monday, Aug 11 is the next meeting, Caiti will send out details
Caiti wants to get Marion community rights conversations going before then
Caiti will contact Lane Co for more information and materials (http://communityrightslanecounty.org/community-conversations/)

10. Discuss and review strategic plan (under “Our work” on the website https://marioncommunityrights.wordpress.com/about/our-work/)
We folded this into #11, below

11. Finalize Declaration – Ethan
Ethan proposed 1. table the draft Marion Declaration (perhaps use it in the Strategic Plan), 2. Adopt the Corvallis Declaration and 3. create a web signup form to collect more signatures for the entire ORCRN
Unanimous approval, understanding that we may develop a Salem/Marion specific declaration at some point
Ethan will complete the above work; Caiti will contact the ORCRN (someone asked at the Eugene event: “how do we collect more signatures for the declaration?”)

12. Review Strategies for Path Forward

– County-wide Food Bill of Rights:  Caiti will contact Stephanie; we need to start having conversations with farmers, distributors (e.g., Alex Beamer) and food security/sovereignty activists
Nancy and Stacey will get in touch with their farmer contacts
– City Neighborhood Bill of Rights:  untapped civil rights potential.  Initial conversation with two local civil rights activists show that there are many local civil rights issues that a neighborhood bill of rights can support.  Caiti and Ethan will present a draft to the group June 14 as an outreach tool.
John and Stacey are doing research on city fire code

– Follow up from Kai’s talk, hosting DS
Caiti wants to prioritize the community rights conversations and draft bills of rights as a format for all other engagement and outreach; hosting a Democracy School might grow out of that process.  The process will become easier once we have drafts to present and move forward with to ground the conversation.

12. 5-10 minutes summary, confirm task assignments, proposals for next agenda
NEXT MEETING IS RESCHEDULED FOR JUNE 14, NOT JUNE 21st — Caiti will contact Ike Box to let them know

May 17 2014 mtg notes

Attendance: Caiti and Ethan

The MCCRN exists to assert the inherent and inalienable rights of natural and human communities and persons.

8. 10 min Peer Training/ Q and A Secession

Caiti and Ethan quizzed each other and became the first members of the steering committee

Other items 

11. Thomas Linzey Publicity (radio, newspaper, flier distribution?)

Caiti and Ethan going on KMUZ to promote and putting articles in local newpapers

12. 5-10 minutes summary, confirm task assignments, proposals for next agenda

Event report: How do corporations legally exploit our communities?

This is a business report from the recent event we organized and hosted with Kai Huschke.  It does not include notes from the presentation or discussion, rather focusing on next steps for the Marion County Chapter as we discussed after the presentation and during the discussion.

Three Next Steps

  1. We had a high school youth really interested in getting other youth involved (think:  http://www.youthfoodbillofrights.com/index.html), so we’ll support her in that process if/when she is able.  She is thinkign maybe her school’s GSA (gay-straight alliance) and environmental club might be interested.
  2. We are pursuing connections with other established groups (e.g., no coal train, no 3rd bridge, climate coalition, sustainability network, etc) to assess the extent to which the groups or individuals therein want to pursue those issues from within a community rights frame.
  3. Lastly, Caiti is following up with Lane Co Community Rights to get a copy of their new pamphlet and learn more about their conversations: http://communityrightslanecounty.org/community-conversations/ to organize discussion forums around Marion Co that use provocative questions to address the issue of inherent, inalienable rights of nature, people and communities.

These next steps are primarily about building out our steering committee, and learning what interests and opportunities exist around Marion Co, both rural and urban.

Issues Focus

What issue(s) we focus on depends largely on who gets involved and what passions, focus, and opportunities they bring to the table.  It doesn’t really matter what issue we focus on, as long as there is enough support to carry it through and wedge democratic precedent into the system.  Once we assert and elevate any inherent, inalienable right locally, we open the door to assert all inherent, inalienable rights locally, and create a grassroots foundation to push against corporate and government backlash, culminating in a rewriting of our structure of law and governance to explicitly recognize and protect its true, democratic purpose.

In the absence of a burning drive to do something else, we’re looking at a Food Bill of Rights, which could provide for elevated, explicit rights protections on the part of farmers, consumers, farm workers, environmental quality, etc, as well as enumerate the right to local self-governance and assert the inherent rights of nature.  Again, what it looks like specifically depends on what passions people bring to the table.

We have legal consultants standing by to help us draft the specific language for the Bill, waiting for us to assemble the group that will determine the movement’s initial focus in Marion County.  The main non-flexible requirements for the bill is that it elevates the rights of nature, persons and communities above the claimed rights of governments and corporations; the nullification of claimed corporate rights; and the rights of nature.

Apr 05 2014 mtg notes

Date : 4/05/14 Location: Ike Box

The MCCRN exists to assert the inherent and inalienable rights of nature, natural communities, and natural persons.

Standard items 

1. Assign note taker – Caiti took notes and will make a habit of printing notes from previous meetings for group approval

3. Recognize guests in attendance and public comment 
James Cox was a guest!

6. 5min – “open mic” – anything inspiring or thought provoking around inherent rights of nature, natural persons, and natural communities Ethan read a passage from Wild Law
John suggests collecting places and stories of how and when a community bill of rights is necessary

8. 10 min Peer Training/ Q and A Secession ( FAQ not ready for group approval)

Other items 

8. OCRN Reports – Caiti reported on the vote of the OCRN to got o a two tier system and that the network is still staying together but the voting body will be made up of counties who have or are in the process of passing ordinances.

9. Potluck check-in/ Suggestion to continue doing Potlucks once a month ( new venue?)

Nancy will talk to occupy folks about potluck space. last Friday of the month regular event?

10. finish reviewing group structure document

a. . finalization of steering committee – we still do not have a final declaration to sign so this is till in process

b. delegate group management tasks, e.g., elect a Chair/Co-Chair for the Steering Committee – Chair and co-chair conversation was tabled due to lack of group consensus , Ethan will rewrite for clarification

11. Catalog of existing contacts for natural allies ( see below)

 12.  find a fiscal sponsor so we can start collecting donations to pay for expenses – tabled

13. Discuss and review strategic plan ( under “Our work” on the website – tabled


14. website management yay we have a website!!!

15. 5-10 minutes summary, confirm task assignments, proposals for next agenda

agenda item for next meeting – when do we start contacting natural allies?


Nancy – check in with occupy about meeting space

Caiti type and print meeting notes

explore a basic community rights information tri-fold to distribute

John – will send out “Robert’s rules for the group to consider in ground rules for interaction

Ethan- rewrite and clarify associate members and committee process.

– Creating excel sheets with steering committee and tasks needed and completed

Natural Allies

Salem Bike taxi – Michelle

Occupy – James , Nancy

fellowship of reconciliation

neighbored associates

no coal

climate justice

Salem sustainability network – Peter Begal

Marion- Polk food share – James Cox ( James is also a coordinator for two community gardens)

MIC Micronesian islander community

SKCE Salem Keizer coalition for equality

Mar 22 mtg notes

Kai mtg notes 03 22 14

Update from Fri (3/21) potluck
we networked with other groups
Community rights seen as both a fundamental shift in society as well as an additional “tool for their toolbox”

Kai was responsive to the need for a study / discussion guide for Democracy School Online
-learning objectives
-teaching modules
-CELDF shifting focus from providing Democracy Schools directly to empowering communities

We need to be prepared to “take off” when we gain momentum
be prepared switch between from the “proactive Community Bill of Rights” strategy to the reactive activity- banning strategy if a single issue begins to mobilize and organize the community.  Also possible to fold the issue into and address via the Convention process if/when it appears.
regardless, it (our work) “takes off” when it becomes tangible, e.g., people start signing the Declaration and we start organizing DS Online education modules and we identify Delegates for the Convention and draft a Community Bill of Rights and then work to vote it into law

Main strategy question:  How are we engaging and prepping Delegates for the Convention?
Agenda item: Suggestion from Friday to continue the potlucks once a month
Having group members complete their relationship catalog (due for the Apr 5 meeting!) is important
Other communities have used / will use DS Online to help engage and train allies
We need to shift the focus of the conversation from “what we can get” to “what do we want?”

There is a myth in the system that people are stupid and need to be ruled because they can’t self-govern
community rights disputes that myth, but will run up against it structurally and inside people’s heads
power is inherent in the people — keep hammering away at this message, we need to change our minds about the relationship of power between law, governments and people.  governments do not rule — people rule, governments serve.  governments are not people, therefore they can’t rule.

Help people articulate the structural limitations they have faced in the course of doing their important work, whatever it is
whether it’s immigration reform, environmental protection, protections for minorities, etc
we need to change the expected role of the people from powerless “advisor” (e.g, advisory committee on sustainability) to empowered “decision makers”

Community rights works in parallel with regulatory work; chapter needs project/group ties in the community to complete its work
Again, that “existing relationships” brainstorm is important — what other activist or community groups or projects are you connected to??

as we build, we’ll move from solidifying the core group to conducting outreach and training as well to adding in the convention for drafting the Bill of Rights

Kai will be requesting specific information from us (e.g., our agenda template, group structure, strategies, etc) for an organizer’s handbook he’s working on, soon.  He’ll give us a checklist of things.

Mar 15 2014 mtg notes

3/15/14 Meeting Notes

Location:  Ike Box
Attending:  Caiti, Ethan, Nel, John, Nancy

1. Assign note taker — Ethan

2. Verify Quorum (n/a yet)

3. Recognize guests in attendance and public comment — none

4. Review and approve last meeting’s minutes (check in with last months tasks, tabled items) — done

5. Review and approve current meeting agenda — items added

6. 5 min – “moment of inspiration” – related to community rights work, can be a song, interpretive dance, rap, poem etc

Suggestion of turning this into more of an “open mic” where people can bring in thought provoking as well as inspirational material for consideration.
Three victories in NH; notes from the national network call

7. 5 min review of ground rules review, establish and brainstorm ground-rules for effective meeting process

WAIT (Why Am I Talking?), Step up / Step Back, Assume Good Faith, encourage others’ participation
Lessons from Occupy re: strong personalities taking space, but can also bring in different perspectives
What about the perspecties of unheard voices?

Other items

8. reports

1.OCRN call – Caiti
“Emergency call” from Josephine, Lane and Benton Co
Claiming a “split” in groups between “education” and “ordinance” focus
Mostly seems like tanglement of personal issues playing out in network
Other state networks have more strict criteria
All work is ultimately local level; OCRN is just a resource
Moving toward two-tier system makes sense
vote call is 10am on 3/25 — John will sub for Caiti; Caiti will give John info to attend call
2. call w/Kai – Ethan
Caiti, Richard and Ethan attended.  Kai thinks we’re on a solid track and gave advice.  Ethan will type those notes and distribute via mailing list.
3. Hosting DS at Unitarian church – John
Venue is ready; the group must set dates and time frame @ next meetings
give 2-3 month notice to cover publicity and outreach
Make it four sessions/weeks, not eight (~1hr view, ~1/2 hr discussion)
Invite Kai for a 5th follow-up session?
Do we have access to print materials, slides or at least a presentation outline? (Caiti will ask)
Schedule ~twice per year to help with outreach, critical mass and ally building
4. Setting up a facebook Page – Nancy
Logo?  Ethan will email suggestion to group.  Caiti will attempt to get permission for logo use.
Nancy currently the only admin; Nancy will make Caiti an admin
Need information to fill out the profile / about us spaces
5.  Mailing List – Ethan
It appears to be working — group confirmed receipt of messages.
6. Potluck venue DS Graduation – Nancy
This Friday, March 21st at 7pm — be there ~6:30pm to help set up.
Location:  Quaker Friends Meeting House, one block S of Center St on 19th St
Ethan will put together email; group will fwd to contacts

9. Unfinished business

1. Membership Proposal – Ethan
Feedback:   Too much of a commitment for blanket membership
Group established two-tier “steering committee” and non-voting “associate members” instead of single “voting membership”
Group approved with consensus the steering committee, criteria, 50% quorum and regular review
Ethan will modify the rest of the membership proposal according to feedback re: advisory committee and non-voting associate members; resubmit modified proposal to group for final discussion and approval
Ethan added proposal for committee chairs

2. ABC Road-map for CR – Ethan
We need to make an official decision on the scope of work @ next meeting (specific / reactionary vs inclusive / proactive)
John suggests we read and comment via email before next meeting

10. New business

1. Follow-up call with Kai
John and Nancy are interested in attending as well
Caiti will reschedule (3/22 does not work)
2. Create catalog of existing relationships of potential/natural allies
if not specific contacts / groups, then at least categories or functions
DUE DATE:  have your lists available by next meeting (Apr 5)
3. When do we need a website? [Ethan; tabled]

11. 10 min brief discussion of DS on-line / peer training
We should move this up sooner in the meeting

12. 5-10 min summary, confirm task assignments, proposals for next agenda

Ethan will type meeting notes
Caiti will revise agenda template based on feedback: open mic; add ground rules; move peer training
Caiti will send John OCRN conference call info for 3/25 vote; John will represent Marion Co.
Ethan will distribute his notes from call w/Kai
Group must finish planning DS Online resource
Caiti will ask CELDF if we have access to print materials / outline
Ethan will email logo suggestion to the group
Nancy will make Caiti a fb page admin
Ethan will draft a potluck email
Ethan will modify group membership document and resubmit for full approval
Group will review ABC proposal and comment via email; make an official decision about scope of work
Caiti will reschedule follow-up call with Kai; include Nancy and John
Group must start strategic planning (mission, goals, etc)
Group will catalog existing relationships of potential / natural allies by Apr 5
Nel will vollow up w/Lincoln Co. contact re: their public potluck event
Caiti will confirm Ike Box mtg space (1st and 3rd Saturdays @ 10am) w/Holly