Vacation: Help end corporate control in Colorado!

From the Colorado Community Rights Network:

Help Get  the First STATEWIDE Community Rights Initiative in the U.S. On the Ballot!

— Invitation —

The Colorado Community Rights Network is poised to put Community Rights Initiative #75 on the ballot.  #75, if passed, will amend the Colorado Constitution to elevate the rights of communities and nature above corporations.  But we need 86,105 valid signatures by August 2, 2014.

— Come Vacation in Colorado —

Have fun, work hard defending our fundamental rights, create real change, and meet some beautiful Colorado people.  People in many parts of Colorado have offered to provide a place for people to stay while they gather signatures.  If we run short of indoor space, then people can camp in backyards, dispersion camp in National Forests, and other options.

In the spirit of the Freedom Riders who traveled on buses across several southern states during the civil rights movement, freedom riders are needed to travel to Colorado right now to help with Initiative #75.

Volunteer signature-gatherers must bring an “acceptable” form of ID, like a U.S. birth certificate, a valid U.S. passport.

Email today!

For more information about the Community Rights Network and Community Rights Initiative #75 go to:

Please forward to friends and organizations with large membership lists!

Let’s Go Viral!

If we are able to use Initiative #75 to amend the Colorado Constitution, this will help the community rights movement all across the U.S.

Fundamental rights are a nonpartisan issue.  Very few people our opposed to fundamental rights.  We all want our fundamental rights to be defended and respected.

Other ideas for people to do to help us get the word out about Initiative #75 and the Colorado Freedom Riders: 

  1. Send this email out to all of your social media contacts.
  2. Do a search for organizations on the Internet, and send them the above information.  Search subjects such as

–        community rights

–        individual rights

–        taming the giant corporations

–        controlling the giant corporations

–        getting money out of politics

–        reducing the concentration of wealth and power

–        move to amend

–        liberty

–        corporations are not people

–        money is not speech

–        fascism

–        increasing the power of local governments

–        libertarian (those that are actually for liberty)

–        environmental organizations

–        rights of nature

–        destruction of the middle class

–        corporate control of the media

–        reducing the powers of big government

–        reducing the powers of corporations

–        common dreams

–        the list goes on and on….

  1. Get we Colorado Community Rights Network folks and Community Rights Initiative #75 on national talk shows.
  2. Give talks in your local community on Initiative #75 as part of encouraging people to be part of this Colorado Freedom Ride.
  3. Organizes bus loads of people and caravans to be part of the Colorado Freedom Riders.

Most of all become part of the Colorado Freedom Riders right now.  We only have until August 2, 2014 to collect 86,105 valid signatures, which must be counted, organized and submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office by no later than August 4 at 3:00PM.