June 14 2014 mtg notes

10 min Peer Training/ Q and A Secession

John and Nancy completed today, joined the Steering Committee

– don’t always accept the premises of peoples questions (most people have a different set on assumptions they are bringing into the conversation)

-Difference between CR and Move to Amend etc.


Neighborhood vs. Community Bill of Rights discussion

equal access to public resources vs. neighborhood right to local self-governance

– take the ideas of the Colorado state level activity and scale it down to neighborhood/city

– model neighborhood bill of rights

– city charter amendment to empower and protect neighborhood right to self-governance and equal access to public resources between neighborhood

– neighborhood majority votes to veto over city counsel decisions effecting all neighborhoods

neighborhoods finding issues that effect health, safety, and welfare

What do homeless rights, elderly rights have to do with neighborhoods ability to address issues and ensure quality of life?


ALL – read Colorado amendment

Ethan and Caiti – ask Annaliva fir contact with activists