June 07 2014 mtg notes

Date : 06/07/14 Location: Ike Box 10am

Standard items
1. Assign note taker:  Ethan
2. Verify Quorum:  100%; yes
3. Recognize guests in attendance and public comment
Stacey attended as a guest
4. Review and approve last meeting’s minutes (check in with last months tasks, tabled items)
No tabled items
5. Review and approve current meeting agenda — added scheduling phone call with Kai
6. 5min – “open mic” – anything inspiring or thought provoking around inherent rights of nature, natural persons, and natural communities
Caiti played a recording of “The Contrariness of the Mad Farmer” by Wendell Berry
7. 5 min review of ground rules review, establish and brainstorm ground-rules for effective meeting process

WAIT (Why Am I Talking?), Step up / Step Back, Assume Good Faith, encourage others’ participation, mindful presence

8. 10 min Peer Training/ Q and A Secession
Caiti will change the above typo
Caiti, Ethan and Stacey practiced 30 second answers to the question, “why are you involved in community rights?” and gave feedback to each-others’ answers.
John, Stacey and Nancy will do the full peer training next meeting

Other items

8. OCRN Reports – Caiti
The Eugene event went really well, lots of good discussion and energy
Caiti will resend info to mailing list about the June 21st petitioning blitz
Caiti will schedule an update call with Kai
Caiti will get recording of Thomas Linzey talk for broadcast on The Forum (KMUZ.org)

9.  Community Rights Conversation Topic Brainstorm – Ethan and Caiti
Monday, Aug 11 is the next meeting, Caiti will send out details
Caiti wants to get Marion community rights conversations going before then
Caiti will contact Lane Co for more information and materials (http://communityrightslanecounty.org/community-conversations/)

10. Discuss and review strategic plan (under “Our work” on the website https://marioncommunityrights.wordpress.com/about/our-work/)
We folded this into #11, below

11. Finalize Declaration – Ethan
Ethan proposed 1. table the draft Marion Declaration (perhaps use it in the Strategic Plan), 2. Adopt the Corvallis Declaration and 3. create a web signup form to collect more signatures for the entire ORCRN
Unanimous approval, understanding that we may develop a Salem/Marion specific declaration at some point
Ethan will complete the above work; Caiti will contact the ORCRN (someone asked at the Eugene event: “how do we collect more signatures for the declaration?”)

12. Review Strategies for Path Forward

– County-wide Food Bill of Rights:  Caiti will contact Stephanie; we need to start having conversations with farmers, distributors (e.g., Alex Beamer) and food security/sovereignty activists
Nancy and Stacey will get in touch with their farmer contacts
– City Neighborhood Bill of Rights:  untapped civil rights potential.  Initial conversation with two local civil rights activists show that there are many local civil rights issues that a neighborhood bill of rights can support.  Caiti and Ethan will present a draft to the group June 14 as an outreach tool.
John and Stacey are doing research on city fire code

– Follow up from Kai’s talk, hosting DS
Caiti wants to prioritize the community rights conversations and draft bills of rights as a format for all other engagement and outreach; hosting a Democracy School might grow out of that process.  The process will become easier once we have drafts to present and move forward with to ground the conversation.

12. 5-10 minutes summary, confirm task assignments, proposals for next agenda
NEXT MEETING IS RESCHEDULED FOR JUNE 14, NOT JUNE 21st — Caiti will contact Ike Box to let them know