Apr 05 2014 mtg notes

Date : 4/05/14 Location: Ike Box

The MCCRN exists to assert the inherent and inalienable rights of nature, natural communities, and natural persons.

Standard items 

1. Assign note taker – Caiti took notes and will make a habit of printing notes from previous meetings for group approval

3. Recognize guests in attendance and public comment 
James Cox was a guest!

6. 5min – “open mic” – anything inspiring or thought provoking around inherent rights of nature, natural persons, and natural communities Ethan read a passage from Wild Law
John suggests collecting places and stories of how and when a community bill of rights is necessary

8. 10 min Peer Training/ Q and A Secession ( FAQ not ready for group approval)

Other items 

8. OCRN Reports – Caiti reported on the vote of the OCRN to got o a two tier system and that the network is still staying together but the voting body will be made up of counties who have or are in the process of passing ordinances.

9. Potluck check-in/ Suggestion to continue doing Potlucks once a month ( new venue?)

Nancy will talk to occupy folks about potluck space. last Friday of the month regular event?

10. finish reviewing group structure document

a. . finalization of steering committee – we still do not have a final declaration to sign so this is till in process

b. delegate group management tasks, e.g., elect a Chair/Co-Chair for the Steering Committee – Chair and co-chair conversation was tabled due to lack of group consensus , Ethan will rewrite for clarification

11. Catalog of existing contacts for natural allies ( see below)

 12.  find a fiscal sponsor so we can start collecting donations to pay for expenses – tabled

13. Discuss and review strategic plan ( under “Our work” on the website – tabled


14. website management yay we have a website!!!

15. 5-10 minutes summary, confirm task assignments, proposals for next agenda

agenda item for next meeting – when do we start contacting natural allies?


Nancy – check in with occupy about meeting space

Caiti type and print meeting notes

explore a basic community rights information tri-fold to distribute

John – will send out “Robert’s rules for the group to consider in ground rules for interaction

Ethan- rewrite and clarify associate members and committee process.

– Creating excel sheets with steering committee and tasks needed and completed

Natural Allies

Salem Bike taxi – Michelle

Occupy – James , Nancy

fellowship of reconciliation

neighbored associates

no coal

climate justice

Salem sustainability network – Peter Begal

Marion- Polk food share – James Cox ( James is also a coordinator for two community gardens)

MIC Micronesian islander community

SKCE Salem Keizer coalition for equality