Mar 15 2014 mtg notes

3/15/14 Meeting Notes

Location:  Ike Box
Attending:  Caiti, Ethan, Nel, John, Nancy

1. Assign note taker — Ethan

2. Verify Quorum (n/a yet)

3. Recognize guests in attendance and public comment — none

4. Review and approve last meeting’s minutes (check in with last months tasks, tabled items) — done

5. Review and approve current meeting agenda — items added

6. 5 min – “moment of inspiration” – related to community rights work, can be a song, interpretive dance, rap, poem etc

Suggestion of turning this into more of an “open mic” where people can bring in thought provoking as well as inspirational material for consideration.
Three victories in NH; notes from the national network call

7. 5 min review of ground rules review, establish and brainstorm ground-rules for effective meeting process

WAIT (Why Am I Talking?), Step up / Step Back, Assume Good Faith, encourage others’ participation
Lessons from Occupy re: strong personalities taking space, but can also bring in different perspectives
What about the perspecties of unheard voices?

Other items

8. reports

1.OCRN call – Caiti
“Emergency call” from Josephine, Lane and Benton Co
Claiming a “split” in groups between “education” and “ordinance” focus
Mostly seems like tanglement of personal issues playing out in network
Other state networks have more strict criteria
All work is ultimately local level; OCRN is just a resource
Moving toward two-tier system makes sense
vote call is 10am on 3/25 — John will sub for Caiti; Caiti will give John info to attend call
2. call w/Kai – Ethan
Caiti, Richard and Ethan attended.  Kai thinks we’re on a solid track and gave advice.  Ethan will type those notes and distribute via mailing list.
3. Hosting DS at Unitarian church – John
Venue is ready; the group must set dates and time frame @ next meetings
give 2-3 month notice to cover publicity and outreach
Make it four sessions/weeks, not eight (~1hr view, ~1/2 hr discussion)
Invite Kai for a 5th follow-up session?
Do we have access to print materials, slides or at least a presentation outline? (Caiti will ask)
Schedule ~twice per year to help with outreach, critical mass and ally building
4. Setting up a facebook Page – Nancy
Logo?  Ethan will email suggestion to group.  Caiti will attempt to get permission for logo use.
Nancy currently the only admin; Nancy will make Caiti an admin
Need information to fill out the profile / about us spaces
5.  Mailing List – Ethan
It appears to be working — group confirmed receipt of messages.
6. Potluck venue DS Graduation – Nancy
This Friday, March 21st at 7pm — be there ~6:30pm to help set up.
Location:  Quaker Friends Meeting House, one block S of Center St on 19th St
Ethan will put together email; group will fwd to contacts

9. Unfinished business

1. Membership Proposal – Ethan
Feedback:   Too much of a commitment for blanket membership
Group established two-tier “steering committee” and non-voting “associate members” instead of single “voting membership”
Group approved with consensus the steering committee, criteria, 50% quorum and regular review
Ethan will modify the rest of the membership proposal according to feedback re: advisory committee and non-voting associate members; resubmit modified proposal to group for final discussion and approval
Ethan added proposal for committee chairs

2. ABC Road-map for CR – Ethan
We need to make an official decision on the scope of work @ next meeting (specific / reactionary vs inclusive / proactive)
John suggests we read and comment via email before next meeting

10. New business

1. Follow-up call with Kai
John and Nancy are interested in attending as well
Caiti will reschedule (3/22 does not work)
2. Create catalog of existing relationships of potential/natural allies
if not specific contacts / groups, then at least categories or functions
DUE DATE:  have your lists available by next meeting (Apr 5)
3. When do we need a website? [Ethan; tabled]

11. 10 min brief discussion of DS on-line / peer training
We should move this up sooner in the meeting

12. 5-10 min summary, confirm task assignments, proposals for next agenda

Ethan will type meeting notes
Caiti will revise agenda template based on feedback: open mic; add ground rules; move peer training
Caiti will send John OCRN conference call info for 3/25 vote; John will represent Marion Co.
Ethan will distribute his notes from call w/Kai
Group must finish planning DS Online resource
Caiti will ask CELDF if we have access to print materials / outline
Ethan will email logo suggestion to the group
Nancy will make Caiti a fb page admin
Ethan will draft a potluck email
Ethan will modify group membership document and resubmit for full approval
Group will review ABC proposal and comment via email; make an official decision about scope of work
Caiti will reschedule follow-up call with Kai; include Nancy and John
Group must start strategic planning (mission, goals, etc)
Group will catalog existing relationships of potential / natural allies by Apr 5
Nel will vollow up w/Lincoln Co. contact re: their public potluck event
Caiti will confirm Ike Box mtg space (1st and 3rd Saturdays @ 10am) w/Holly