Mar 07 mtg Notes

03 07 14 meeting with Kai

attending:  Cait, ethan, Richard, Kai; ethan’s notes

Quesitons re: the ABC plan toward the Community Bill of Rights Convention
Get a sense of the issues out there fundamentally relating to structural problems of democracy
demonstrate how multiple issues are running into the same problem to bring people together

Our strategy follows the Envision Spokane model
we need to have lots of one-on-one meetings with potential allies
get a genral sense of where they are at, where they are headed and what’s frustrating their progress

Assess our existing relationships and build out new relationships from there
move toward envisioning teh community we want to create in a rights-based frame
change from “what you can get” to “what you want or need”
collect stories of pre-emption, where community members have been prevented by the existing structure of law from protecting or enhancing the health, safety or welfare of their community:  “what’s been frustrating you?”

we might find supportive legislators at some point to increase discussion and PR

a major question every community needs to answer is “what does local self-governance look like?”
we’re working at 5, 10, 15 year horizons — this is a long march

Tactical considerations for elections:  don’t use special elections unless bundling with other issues already on the ballot, otherwise we would be spending taxpayer money unnecessarily
otherwise, just use the regular election cycle

We have more work to develop our group / organization
AGENDA ITEM/TASK:  find a fiscal sponsor so we can start collecting donations to pay for expenses
AGENDA ITEM/TASK:  delegate group management tasks, e.g., elect a Chair/Co-Chair for the Steering Committee

Kai addressed the “responsibilities vs rights” question:
do we really want to give them “equal billing?”
we need to assert rights, because our responsibilities derive from them.  we have a responsibility to bring rights forward, and govenrments have an inherent responsibility to protect rights.  also, we have responsibilities inherent in the universality of our rights.  example, right to access clean water.  if i use all the water or pollute it, then i would be violating the inherent rights of others.  that would be inherently illegal in a rights-based frame of law.
we might need to hold off on responsibilities because it might be too philosophical — assert the rights, first, then discuss responsibilties!  it’s an important piece of the puzzle.

what do we need to do to prepare the Marion County chapter to “push past the barrier of legality?”
fundamentally, we are building and empowering people to understand that rights are inherent to their person and power to govern is inherent in the people.  as other communities do this nationally, we will begin to overwhelm the system.
unethical barriers in the democratic process can bring in a broader set of allies (even people who might vote “no” on the very things we try to bring through the democratic process)