Mar 01 2014 mtg notes

March 1, 2014 MCCR Meeting Notes
NEXT MEETING Mar 15, 2014 – NOTE: we have decided to meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays. That makes the meeting-after-next April 5, (the first Saturday) then April 19 (the third Saturday).
Moments of Inspiration related to our Community Rights work (pictures, Poetry, song, dance, rap) Ethan read Wendell Barry’s “Poem of Hope”. You can see/hear Wendell Barry read it on the Americans Who Tell the Truth (AWWT) website. AWWT is a terrific inspiring resource for our work and activists everywhere. Check out their galleries and imagine a MCCR fundraiser based on their traveling exhibit!
via the Salem Food Cooperative website:
Brief Discussion of DS Online – two members shared how DS Online continues to inspire
PLAN FOR 2014. 
Caiti and John are putting together a brief CR presentation initially sited at the Universalist Church. Please stand by to help. Let’s get a “CR traveling show” together we all can use at different venues around town.
A – Late May. Large scale CR presentation probably at WU. This is the 1) Grand Introduction to the concept – probably Kai if we can get him. Specific invitations to various groups in the area AND community-wide. This presentation invites attendees to “B.”
B – Late November.  “Community Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” Convention. Specific invitations to various groups in the area AND community-wide to send Delegates. The Goal is to get agreement and support for a County “Community Bill of Rights” initiative. NOTE: Many Delegates will not have a good understanding of why CR initiatives are drafted as they are. I believe it will work best if we have a pretty complete draft in place.
C – January 2015 Ballot Campaign Kickoff for November ballot.


Emails to look for
1) your invitation to join the MCCR email list – we’re setting it up! 
2) ideas for setting up Voting Membership – you will be emailed a draft in a couple of days. The goal is to have VM voted on by those present at our Mar 15 meeting. 
3) DS Online “Graduation” Potluck – tentatively the evening of Mar 21. THIS would be a fun informal event to bring friends to!
THANK YOU! – to all who contributed to the Kai/CELDF fund. We hit our $70 mark and all agree that is a bargain for his time and expertise.