Update for OCRN

This is a brief update we wrote about our chapter for the Oregon Community Rights Network newsletter.

  1. we’re forming the chapter structure and group process, including figuring out chapter membership and decision-making.  We have a proposal on the table to discuss at next meeting.  We are just getting our communications up and running (mailing list to facilitate out of meeting coordination and discussion).
  2. we are educating ourselves as a group via the Democracy School Online.  It is proving to be a wonderful resource.  We are on track to finish it by the middle of March and celebrate with a DS Online “graduation potluck.”  We are also exploring opportunities to use this resource as a low-cost, low-overhead means of reaching out to and recruiting potential allies and chapter members.
  3. We are working toward an initiative or ordinance campaign to implement community rights at the municipal and/or county level.  We have some interesting choices about urban or rural focus or both given Marion Co’s unique status as the 2nd largest metropolitan area and also its prominent rural economy.  We also need to decide our overall strategy, and have begun to identify potential focus issues (such as water rights).