Feb 15 2014 mtg notes

February 15th MCCRN

Present: Caiti, Ethan, John, Ken

Ethan facilitating

Caiti taking notes


Ken: talking to web director, seeing about MCCRN getting space in Salem weekly

Ethan: will build relationship with Salem Sustainability Network, write Marion County update for statewide CR newsletter due Feb 21 by 6pm

Caiti and John will work on doing DS online outreach through the Unitarian Church, as a way to engage and educate our natural allies

John: Will contact United way to help match volunteers with our cause

Caiti updated group on statewide OCRN conference call

        We will soon ( hopefully ) have a statewide mailing list

        Group is planning another face to face meeting for the network, no firm date yet but in May, likely in Josephine County

        Group should look over the “skills” email and email the network back about what skills and/or previous experience they have in any of the areas listed

We discussed building relationships with our “natural allies” this includes groups that also run into struggles within the regulatory system. The groups that were mentioned included: CAUSA, SKCE, NAACP, Neighborhood associations, NRA, willamette reds (we have to know what is important to these groups BEFORE we contact them).

We discussed that our first attempt to get on any ballot and even signature collecting will be a learning experience but will help us develop “cred” as an active organization within the community. We must also be willing to “call in reinforcements” from others in the OCRN

John proposed the idea of a community service fair

Group agrees that we need a list serve and could also get a google group account

Group decided to table “larger decisions” until more of the group is present

March 29th evening DS “graduation” potluck for the group

We raised $50 of the $70 needed to cover Kai’s expenses

Next meeting: All members should come with ideas and criteria to discuss a local rights campaign. This includes specific issues we could focus on, county vs city, ordinance vs. single issues, etc.