Feb 01 2014 mtg notes

Marion County Community Rights Meeting 02/01/2014

Richard shared his general format for the meeting which the group agreed to.

Reviewing ground rules ( we will go over them as needed)

    stacking ( as needed)

    required/space for people to talk

    WAIT ( Why Am I Talking)


Brief discussion about community rights

    lack of recognition of local rights

    Written that when government becomes destructive it is our right to abolish it

    point of this part of the meeting it to get us more comfortable speaking on these Issues

    tabled: splitting into pairs and practicing together

Proposal Presentation (Main Part of Meeting)

    Group will take time to look over the timeline proposal and discuss at the next meeting

Sheila McIrath: Statewide campaign to “privatize” the water. She is looking for someone to fill her position on the board that can vote against this. They must live in east Salem. May be a viable issue for us to focus on.


Caiti suggests skype meeting to delegates

Caiti talks to pdx group about how they  coordinated democracy school ( monetary and logistical)

Caiti ask if the statewide nonprofit will serve as a fiscal sponsor for other groups

Caiti will do blurb research

Caiti will take notes on first conference call of OCRN delegates to give report at next meeting


Get info for group on commerce clause

    Ask Dana if Benton group needs our help gathering signatures

everyone: Watch two lessons of online democracy school per week and be ready to discuss